Behold, A Sphere Made Of Binder Clips

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Via the /r/mildlyinteresting* subreddit comes an office-supply creation that puts your cubicle-mate's obnoxiously oversized rubber band ball to shame.


According to its creator, redditor Eduardoballestero, the ball comprises 130 clips and took roughly six hours (~1 hour a day, for a week) to make. He writes:

It is decently heavy. I can toss it between my hands with no issue, but my co-worker threw it like 4 feet to me and it hurt to catch.

EDIT: A lot of people have asked for instructions. I'll try and provide some soon. Gimme like a week to figure out how I'm gonna do that. That's definitely something I'll have to put together at home. I ran into several problems while making it that I had to overcome with trial and error so I have lots of suggestions and I'm happy to help others make their own binder clip balls.

It's only a matter of time until someone carries this idea to its logical conclusion and uses some of these:

Illustration for article titled Behold, A Sphere Made Of Binder Clips make an even BIGGER binder-clip ball. Assuming, that is, that Lion Extra Large Binder Clips possess the dimensions necessary for spherification; according to Eduardoballestero, he had to look for clips with proportionally wide prongs.

*Don't let its name fool you. /r/mildlyinteresting is, quietly, one of the most consistently interesting corners of the Internet.


Out of curiosity, is it a perfectly symmetrical sphere? Usually, a spherical polyhedron needs different shaped polyhedra, as in a spherical football. If all the clips are identical, and uniformly/symmetrically assembled to produce a perfect sphere, that is kinda cool. I'm not an expert in this area. I am just curious.…