Behold! A Scale Model Of The Large Hadron Collider In Lego!

The Large Hadron Collider is not only a particle collider of awe-inspiring power capable of revealing the atomic connections underlying our basic reality — it's also the inspiration for this charming Lego build from a CERN scientist, which includes all four particle detectors.


University of Liverpool grad student Nathan Readioff, who is currently doing research out of CERN on the ATLAS detector, put the very tiny, but also very comprehensive, LEGO LHC together, which you can see in action above.

Though a single detector of the actual LHC can weigh in at over 10,000 tons, all the models included are shrunk down to a handheld scale. Readioff submitted the model to Lego's Ideas section, but he also has instructions out if you want to make your very own at home right now. It will take you just 371 Legos, he says, and about 10 minutes.

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So since the real one has no problem bashing atoms, does the Lego one help with the most important question in the universe? How do I get the pieces apart?