Behold a Glorious Cavalcade of Monsters in the New Goosebumps Trailer

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Our first look at the Goosebumps movie relied a little less on the monsters and a little more on the jokes. However this new international trailer, packed with a chunk of new footage, gives us a lot more monster-y goodness... and of course, more Jack Black cracking wise to go with it.


The setup is similar to the last trailer, but this time with Black’s R.L. Stine adding another layer of metatext as he explains the three important parts of a story as Goosebumps itself lays out its own: The beginning—teenager Zach (Dylan Minnette) moving in next to Stine—the middle—Zach discovering strange goings on at Casa Del Stine—and the “twist”—in this case, Stine’s manuscripts housing the very real monsters he created. Pretty sure Stine’s missing a next step after that, but hey! Monsters!

And we get a bunch. There’s zombies, an abominable snowman, a wolfman, and the killer garden gnomes from the first trailer, and so many more. It’s still a little weird to see this movie hang its hat on the goofy metastory instead of going as creepy as the books did, but if it’s as jam-packed with monster action as it seems to be, it could be rather fun.

Goosebumps hits theaters October 16th.

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Were the books ever really “creepy”? Sure, when I was 9, just the covers scared the crap out of me, but I was a scaredy-cat back then. Seriously, Fright Night and Screamers could scare the crap out of me at that age. But reading them now - the Goosebumps book are very, very cheesy. And they have always been treated as a kind of shared universe too in merchandising and supplemental material. This meta-story idea seems a pretty nice way to adapt the books into something unique.