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Behind The Scenes With The Cave Crawlers Of Descent 2

The BBC caught a behind the scenes peek on the set of The Descent 2. From the quick snippets you can see, it looks like one of the girls trapped inside the cave is still alive and kicking. Click through to see which one.

Check out the long haired lady in the black and pink vest wielding the axe — looks like Juno (Natalie Jackson Mendoza). That's the same vest and the same axe that Sarah (Shauna Macdonald) hacked into Juno's leg with. Bet Sarah will be surprised when she finds her down there. Also the interview with Shauna Macdonald covered in blood and talking about the beauty of the old studio is hilarious.


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@VenitiaPeitho: OMG, and not to stray from Sci-Fi, but U2's cover of Metallica's ONE... suuuuuuucked!!!!