Behind-The-Scenes Tour Of Cryonics Institute Shows Storage Of A Patient

The fascinating short documentary We Will Live Again goes inside the Cryonics Institute, where we meet the people behind the freezing process and witnesses (non-explicitly) the acceptance of its hundredth client.


Filmmakers Myles Kane and Josh Koury focus much of their documentary on Cryonics Institute founder Robert Ettinger and staff members Ben Best and Andy Zawacki (the latter lives on the premises most of the week) and their thoughts on the cryonics movement. But facility, with its tanks stacked with men and women hoping to be revived (and, in some cases, their pets), is a magnetic costar. It's remarkable that, for all of the science fiction dreams that cryonics evokes, the Cryonics Institute itself is fairly non-descript, a warehouse outside of Detroit dedicated to keeping its clients—or patients as Ettinger calls them—on ice. Even the acceptance and storage of the institute's 100th patient seems fairly straightforward—packing more ice onto the body and placing it in a container.

For the squeamish, the documentary shows the occasional frozen foot or flash of skin, but not the face, nor a sizable portion of the prepared body.

[via Vimeo Staff Picks]


Do they have a way to prevent all of your cell walls from bursting when they freeze you? Or are the counting on future medicine to be able to repair every cell in your body?