Illustration for article titled Behind-the-scenes footage shows how Mars Needs Moms motion capture crawled out of the Uncanny Valley

Disney may have burned out our earlobes with the horrific Mars Needs Moms rap, but this behind the scenes Mo-Cap adventure between Seth Green and Dan Fogler is gosh-darn adorable, and pretty impressive. Watch.


The funny thing about watching this video, which was filmed years ago, is that after spending days pantomiming the actions of a little kid and then reading the script, Seth Green wound up having his vocal performance removed from the CG character Milo. Probably because in the end, a 37-year-old man doesn't sound that much like a nine-year-old boy. But Green's not bitter, in fact he told the LA Times:

"There was always a consideration that the character would be redubbed by an actual kid. I don't feel like I've been replaced or like my performance is invisible. It wasn't like I did anything wrong and someone was saying my performance wasn't good."


Still that's a lot of work just to be "the body." Ah well it still looks like he had fun. Mars Needs Moms will hit theaters this Friday.

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