Before It Was Syfy . . . A Cool Set of Viral Videos From 1999 in 1999, the SciFi Channel (as it was called back then) did a series of funny viral videos for Y2K which purported to be messages from Y3K that our descendants had sent us from the future. You can find them on a seemingly forgotten part of the Syfy website. Some of the messages from the future include:

Enjoy your Gender Specificity while it lasts.
Sorry, we still do not have personal jet packs.
Save the Rainforests, thats where the ape overlords say the best bananas come from.
Racism is no longer a problem now that all inferior humans are slaves.
Don't worry, it turns out the moon is made out of fossil fuels.

Surprisingly amusing. You can check out more of these, along with the original ads that aired 10 years ago, by visiting None Inc. Just ignore the "visit Syfy" image that pops up and scroll down the top, orange window.

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LOL this is pretty clever, and this is before Youtube and the term 'viral video' even came into existence (as far as I can recall).

As a marketing campaign on television, it's pretty risky, but I think it would get its market (sci fi fans) interested.