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Long before Bale was hopping about Gotham in his cape and cowl, he was cast in the Swedish fantasy movie Mio in the Land of Faraway as a boy named Jum-Jum. The Swedish fairy tale (originally titled Mio Min Mio took place half on Earth and half in Land of Faraway, where the evil Knight Kato (played by Christopher Lee) enslaves the children of this magical kingdom. We've got a very long trailer from the movie which has loads of Bale and Lee getting throttled by excellent '80s fantasy gags. Behold!

The DVD is out of print and is going for a whopping $150 used to $600 new over at Amazon. But where else can you see Bale fight an evil Knight set to an original soundtrack scored by Abba's Benny Andersson? You pay for what you get, people.


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