Before Abrams, The End Of The Star Trek Experience

If you're the kind of romantic who's always dreamt of taking your loved one through a Klingon Encounter or 4-D Borg Invasion, you'd better do it quickly - Las Vegas' Star Trek: The Experience is closing in September due to low attendance and rising costs. The attraction, which includes its own version of Deep Space Nine's Quark's Bar and Grill, has been hosted in the Las Vegas Hilton since its opening 10 years ago. Sadly, things aren't what they used to be for the 24th century.

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Negotiations between CBS, Paramount, Cedar Fair (owners of the Experience) and the Las Vegas Hilton went on longer than originally expected. There was hope that the new Star Trek movie coming in 2009 would help boost attendance, which has been in decline, but not all the parties could come to an agreement. Apparently the Hilton Hotel was the biggest holdout, convinced more money could be made using the space for other purposes... The final date is likely to be in the first week of September, after the Labor Day weekend holiday. Although the contract for The Experience ends December 31st, Cedar Fair is required to completely vacate the premises by that time so they will need the time to clear out. No word yet on what will happen with all the rides, replicas and costumes, but all the original props and costumes will be returned to CBS.


It's unlikely that Paramount will let the idea of a Star Trek-themed "experience" die completely, considering next year's high profile movie. Will we be reporting on The Next Generation Experience this time next year? Only time will tell.

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