Finally some creative superhero art that combines tarot cards, geeky heroes and bulgy tights. It's like a mystical beefcake calendar (with a little hero-on-hero action) in tarot card form! Enjoy. Maybe a little NSFW.

All cards were conceptualized by the artist gauntlette.

Anakin, Two of Swords by OtisFrampton

Longshot, The Wheel by adipatijulian


Hercules, Strength by Bokuman

Kick Ass, Justice by RichieBitch


Red Rover and Red Wolf (from Wild Guard), The Moon by Giye

Creeper, The Fool by Boy-Meets-Hero


The Lovers, Apollo and Midnighter by Chaz (link is SUPER NSFW just FYI)

The Hermit, Snake Eyes by Wenart.

See more cards at Gauntlette's Deviantart page.