Of course Sam Heughan thinks a Doctor Who/Outlander crossover. It's a perfect idea. Outlander's already got time travel in its plot, why not have the Doctor show up? Plus, we currently have a Doctor who sports a Scottish accent. It's a perfect match!

Speaking to The Radio Times, Heughan brought up his character's Doctor Who connection and proposed a crossover:

"Diana [Gabaldon] got the inspiration for Outlander, or the character Jamie Fraser, from Doctor Who. She was watching an episode and there was a character called Jamie [companion Jamie McCrimmon, first seen in The Highlanders] who was in a kilt and that's where she got the first spark," he tells us.

"I love Doctor Who – I'd love to do sci-fi," he says, adding that he's been trying to persuade his friend and Doctor Who writer Mark Gatiss to get him a part.

"Maybe there's a crossover there as well," he adds, suggesting that Outlander and Doctor Who could easily combine. "It would work. I could come out of the Tardis – that'd be awesome. Let's make this happen! If we could do that, that'd be great."


Well, worlds will collide at least a little since Frazer Hines, Jamie McCrimmon himself, is going to pop up as Sir Gordon Fletcher, an English prison warden. Come on fic writers, that's totally Jamie in disguise, right?