Because He's Smart, Sam Heughan Wants a Doctor Who/Outlander Crossover

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Of course Sam Heughan thinks a Doctor Who/Outlander crossover. It's a perfect idea. Outlander's already got time travel in its plot, why not have the Doctor show up? Plus, we currently have a Doctor who sports a Scottish accent. It's a perfect match!


Speaking to The Radio Times, Heughan brought up his character's Doctor Who connection and proposed a crossover:

"Diana [Gabaldon] got the inspiration for Outlander, or the character Jamie Fraser, from Doctor Who. She was watching an episode and there was a character called Jamie [companion Jamie McCrimmon, first seen in The Highlanders] who was in a kilt and that's where she got the first spark," he tells us.

"I love Doctor Who – I'd love to do sci-fi," he says, adding that he's been trying to persuade his friend and Doctor Who writer Mark Gatiss to get him a part.

"Maybe there's a crossover there as well," he adds, suggesting that Outlander and Doctor Who could easily combine. "It would work. I could come out of the Tardis – that'd be awesome. Let's make this happen! If we could do that, that'd be great."


Well, worlds will collide at least a little since Frazer Hines, Jamie McCrimmon himself, is going to pop up as Sir Gordon Fletcher, an English prison warden. Come on fic writers, that's totally Jamie in disguise, right?

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Sorry, but there will only ever be one Jamie in a kilt in the TARDIS.

Having. Fraser Hines back is definitely overdue, given that depending on how you calculate it, either Jamie or Sarah Jane was the longest running companion on Doctor Who.

I am still ticked off at RTD for never bringing Nicholas Courtney back to the main show. Yes, he was brought back on the Sarah Jane Adventures, but the script had originally called for Martha to appear, only Freema was unavailable. The Brig deserved better than to be an afterthought.