Beaver Dam Causes Russian Road to Collapse

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A Russian road in the Urals collapsed because dam-building beavers blocked a pipe running under the road. The pressure of water trying to get through the blocked pipe created a 13 foot pit in the middle of the busy road.


Biologist Pavel Kosintsev blames young beavers and the decline of beaver hunting:

Young individuals build dams and settle in new places. There's only one way to protect communications from these animals - put iron bars over the pipes.

Beaver pelts used to be very sought after, and the animals were regularly hunted.A few years ago there was a sharp drop in the price of beaver pelts and the hunter's interest in the animals stopped.


BBC / Top image: Still from the NTV footage

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SyFy haven't made a movie named Beavers yet? Seems like there'd be an audience that could be misled into seeing that.