Beauty Rays Bombard A Woman's Face, While Her Mind Receives New Instructions

Illustration for article titled Beauty Rays Bombard A Womans Face, While Her Mind Receives New Instructions

This looks like an android receiving an energy blast and new personality protocols, but it's actually a woman being bombarded with high-energy light-emitting diodes, the latest skin treatment. (And her personality is getting reprogrammed, too.)


The picture was taken at Tokyo's Beautyworld Japan Expo, and it shows a woman undergoing the ReGen Light Treatment system, made by U.K.-based Energist. Says Energist:

This versatile ReGen™ system is a breakthrough in LED technology, delivering a constant stream of rejuvenating light which is proven to have beneficial bio-stimulation effects on the skin to alleviate the damage caused by acne, ageing, and the sun. Powered by an array of high intensity LED's using red and blue light, ReGen™ has the power and flexibility to initiate new collagen production and speed up skin repair, effectively stimulating cellular mechanisms to regenerate the skin.


I always knew those old LEDs were good for something.

Picture by Michael Caronna/Reuters [Wall Street Journal]

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Quack treatments are always good for a laugh or some cool science fictional images.