Does anyone else suffer from a fear of reunions thanks to television? Because nothing good ever happens at these things. On the plus side, what this plot lacked in originality it more than made up for in mascot-tackling.

This episode opened with Cat organizing a girls' night in right before her 10-year high school reunion. Which... if it's her 10-year reunion, she must have graduated in 2003. But wasn't she in law school in 2003, when her mother died and she decided to be a cop? There's no indication that she graduated early, and, in this country, you have to go to college before law school, and —

Anyway, she bills it as some "me" time and sends Vincent away. (After he asks the very meta question of "Am I allowed to use the front door?") At the dinner party, we learn that Cat a) dated a dude named "Snake" in high school and b) has always dated "projects." Yay. I'm so glad this show went for the "woman who needs to fix her man" trope.

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Of course, Cat's attacked by a Beast when all but one friend's left. And of course, that friend's the one who is a reporter. The Beast wants Vincent, and Vincent's fine with that, since he's super-pissed that his precious Cat got attacked.


But that Beast's there for a reunion of his own: he (his name is Zach) and Vincent served in the military together, and they were friends! Now, this would be great for Vincent, because he and JT have a different, less muscly friendship, as seen in this episode.

But this re-found friendship is super-doomed. It turns out that Vincent, pre-amnesia, stole Zach's girl. So Zach's off to Cat's reunion to wreak havoc. He kills the nerd in the bear mascot, and steals to costume so he can infiltrate the reunion. Blah, blah, blah, mascot shenanigans.


A+ comedy, right there. They even hit the punch bowl. (Also great, Cat describing the state of the reunion afterward as "It's a wreck, like my life!" The delivery makes it.)

I'm so tired of this season's insistence that we buy that Cat's trying to distance herself from Vincent. First of all, this season started with her being super, uncomfortably obsessed with him. Second, that's two episodes in a row where she tried to take a break from him, only for his past to barrel its way into her life. Third, it's called Beauty and the Beast. I sincerely doubt this show's going to buck the obvious and actually break them up. It would be one thing if all these horrible things that happen to Cat eventually built to the point that she had to walk away, no matter how much she loved Vincent. But this show isn't going to do that. So it should just buckle down, and have them be together, acting as a team. Because every week we go through this dance, it starts to look like Cat's the one with amnesia.


In other plot, Cat finds out that her "father" has been donating to the school, even after her adopted father died. And the above photo from her graduation full on shows Agent Reynolds creepily looking at her. He's just a man who worked with a group creating supersoldiers in secret. Definitely should just look right into that camera pointed at the daughter who doesn't know he exists. So the "biological dad" cat's out the bag, I guess. Seriously, he's the worst secret evil FBI agent ever. He does nothing but talk on the phone and stalk the girl who is looking for her biological father. He's less "menacing" and more "just some guy."

The star of this episode was Sendhil Ramamurthy's face. He gave a bunch of priceless reactions.


Here he is reacting exactly the way I would after talking to Cat:

A horrible joke by Tess:


And finally, accidentally telling Vincent that someone tried to kill Cat:

This show would be improved 1000% if all we ever saw was Gabe react to things. No. Wait. The hit show is Sendhil Ramamurthy reacting to mascots being tackled. Get on it, CW.