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Beauty and the Beast Deleted Scene Reveals One Very Unlucky Servant Got Turned Into a Toilet

Illustration for article titled iBeauty and the Beast/i Deleted Scene Reveals One Very Unlucky Servant Got Turned Into a Toilet

There’s a lot of unfortunate, understated horror in the curse put upon the household staff in Beauty and the Beast, dooming them to live out part of their lives not as humans, but everyday objects. But please, save your pity not for Chip, or Lumiere, or Cogsworth—save it for the poor guy who got turned into the toilet.


Debuted by Entertainment Weekly, this brief clip from the final “battle” between the townsfolk and the animated furniture of the Beast’s castle sees Josh Gad’s LeFou escape for a moment of respite... only to find that he’s locked himself in the bathroom, now staffed by an angry, animated toilet:


We’re left to imagine the existential nightmare LeFou faced in there, but considering he emerges wet and screaming, it can’t have been pleasant. But even more terrifying is thinking about what poor Monsieur Toilette’s life must have been like, and the horror and degradation he faced. The Beast might not have had many guests, but even he has to go to the loo sometimes.

Beauty and the Beast: Existential Nightmare Edition gets its home release on June 6.

James is a News Editor at io9. He wants pictures. Pictures of Spider-Man!

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