The Olympic Games celebrate feats of athleticism and endurance — but nobody would care about these contests if they weren't promoted by great accomplishments in graphic design. Check out all the stunningly designed posters for the past 120 years of Olympic Games.

1896, Athens

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1900, Paris

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1904, St. Louis

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1906, Intercalated Games, Athens

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1908, London

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1912, Stockholm – the first Olympic Games with an official poster

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1916, Berlin, the first cancelled Olympics

No official poster was issued, but the artwork on the stamp included above would have been the official artwork for the Games.


There was an unofficial 6th Olympiad in Amsterdam, which has a poster, designed by Jan Willem Sluiter:

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1920, Antwerp, Belgium, where Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary and Turkey were banned because of World War I

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1924, Paris, designed by Jean Droit

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1928, Amsterdam

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1932, Los Angeles

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1936, Berlin

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1940, Tokyo, cancelled due to Sino-Japanese War in 1938

(via Report of the Organizing Committee on its work for the XIIth Olympic Games of 1940 in Tokyo/PDF)

1940, Helsinki, also cancelled because of WWII

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1948, London

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1952, Helsinki. The poster was the same that they wanted to use on the cancelled 1940 Olympic Games.

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1956, Melbourne. Australians had an equine quarantine, so the equestrian events were held in Stockholm.

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1960, Rome

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1964, Tokyo

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1968, Mexico City

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1972, Munich

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1976, Montreal

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1980, Moscow

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1984, Los Angeles

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1988, Seoul

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1992, Barcelona

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1996, Atlanta

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2000, Sydney

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2004, Athens

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2008, Beijing

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2012, London

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