Beautiful prosthetic legs that are made to be seen

Prosthetic limbs are wonderful for restoring mobility to folks who've lost a leg, but form can sometimes get lost in the prosthetic function. One company is producing fairings that fit over a prosthetic leg and serve the same role as a well chosen accessory.

Bespoke Innovations creates custom-made fairings that restore the leg contours that many prosthetic legs fail to. These fairings then fit with the customer's existing prosthetic. Instead of mimicking the look of human skin, however, the Bespoke Fairings are designed to look like something completely distinct, combining colors and patterns that dress up the leg. The idea is to allow customers to express their aesthetics and personality through their prosthetic leg, just as they would through an accessory or article of clothing. The Bespoke Fairings are 3D printed using a durable, lightweight polymer, but can then be fitted with chrome plating, ballistic nylon fabric, or leather, letting customers customize them according to their personal needs and style.


The company's gallery shows off some really lovely example of their work, including some particularly elegant prosthetic/Fairing pairings.

All photos from Bespoke Innovations.

Bespoke Innovations [via Neatorama]


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