Hogan McLaughlin is an artist and fashion designer with a particular passion for A Song of Ice and Fire—especially the ambitious clothes horse Margaery Tyrell. His Game of Thrones illustrations are often stark and deceptively simple, rendering each character in profile. But there's a special attention paid to each character's clothing and key symbols, capturing much about each character's role and station with the carefully rendered folds of their sleeves and cut of their dresses.

There's a definite fashion-plate quality to McLaughlin's character designs, and it's no surprise that he ties his love of the books and television series to his fashion work; he's planning to incorporate some Margaery-inspired fashions in his upcoming line. But his scenes between two or more characters are especially evocative; the contrast between the elegant clothes and the blacked-out eyes conjure the dark and mystical facets of that world on the verge of winter.

You can see many, many more of these illustrations in McLaughlin's deviantART gallery, but a few are NSFW and some illustrations contain spoilers.

[via The Mary Sue]

House Stark


House Targaryen

House Lannister


House Greyjoy

House Martell


Margaery and Sansa

The King and Queen in Highgarden



Sandor Clegane, The Hound


White Walker