Beautiful behind-the-scenes Blade Runner video will change how you think about movies

Watch this amazing short created for fans at science fiction conventions in 1983, which shows the elaborate designs Ridley Scott and his crew created to illustrate Blade Runner's striking future dystopia.

From the Vimeo account which posted this footage:

One of the Blade Runner Convention Reels, featuring interviews with Ridley Scott, Syd Mead and Douglas Trumbull about making [the] Blade Runner universe. This 16 mm featurette, made by M. K. Productions in 1982, is specifically designed to circulate through the country's various horror, fantasy and science fiction conventions.



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In hindsight, Blade Runner seems like a big budget, production design-heavy counterpart to three obscure proto-cyberpunk 'civilizational malaise' movies of the late 70s and early 80s: Jubilee, Born In Flames, and Burst City. Plus Alphaville's sci-fi noir, The Creation Of The Humanoids' 'Who's a robot?' theme, and Bilal and Moebius' urban landscapes in Metal Hurlant.

It's very much a product of its times, and it's less and less relevant to our own. Clockwork Orange had a Russofied slang and milk bars; Blade Runner has big billboards of Japanese companies, noodle bars, and racks of cyborg magazines. Today's culture would be a weird sci fi movie from the perspective of the 80s, with exurban developments, huge SUVs and hummers, and people in Starbucks staring at their iPads.