Be Sure To Read These Comics After Each Episode Of Game Of Thrones

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If you're looking to add a dose of humor to your weekly Game of Thrones reflections, check out Comics of Ice and Fire, which provides a goofy comic reaction to each episode.

Azad Injejikian draws the comics, which are a good-natured take on the series' characters as well as the show's sex and violence. We're particularly partial to Injejikian's comic reaction to the Purple Wedding episode, which imagines what a certain character finds in the afterlife. The response to this past week's big reveal is considerably sillier.

You can read all the comics on deviantART, but if you follow the comic on Tumblr, you'll see other fun Game of Thrones-themed comics and artwork.


[Comics of Ice and Fire]

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I laughed way to hard "More heads on sticks than you can shake a head on a stick at."