Be Seeing The Prisoner... Kind Of

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Seeking to tease the upcoming premiere of the new version of The Prisoner, the show's production blog is offering a look behind the scenes... and a taste of what's to come.


The photos come from Kerrin Kokot, AMC's multimedia producer, who also offers commentary about each image that suggests that we're not about to be give a straight-up homage to Patrick McGoohan's paranoia:

Another fond memory the photos have triggered is from Cape Town's Bijoux building, home to The Prisoner's nightclub set. For spoiler reasons, those pictures will have to stay under wraps for now, but let me paint you a picture of my own: Two "dancing extras" were asked to come show their moves in the club. Little did they know that they'd be kitted out in saucy little outfits and caged. The extras — one of whom did a varsity project with me years ago — laughed when they realized that they were to be strippers, not belly dancers. They didn't remove any clothing, of course, but they moved with an intent that got the point across. Suffice it to say, this production isn't The Prisoner you remember.

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We can also see desert scenes, churches and underground tunnels where the new Number Six (played by Jim Caviezel) will find himself chased by men with dogs... all of which sounds exciting enough, but if someone doesn't get caned by a midget at some point during the whole thing, I'm going to have to complain.

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It's bound to better than the trek reboot, but that's about all I can say.

By Hook or by crook, I will escape!