Be as Cool as Kurt Russell With These New Posters for The Thing

John Carpenter’s The Thing is a perfect example of a movie ahead of its time. When it opened in 1982, it was the same weekend at Blade Runner’s release, Star Trek 2 and Poltergeist were in theaters and ET was number one at the box office. The competition lead to the film bombing; only later did it become such a revered fan favorite.

Now, you’d be hard pressed to find a movie fan who doesn’t love The Thing. And if you’re in San Francisco this weekend, Spoke Art is hosting a Kurt Russell double feature at the Roxie Theater. They’re screening not just Carpenter’s The Thing (on 35mm no less), it’ll be followed by the also awesome 2015 film, Bone Tomahawk.


A double feature like that wouldn’t be complete with a poster to mark the occasion, so David Moscati did both a limited edition poster for The Thing, and a smaller lobby card which will be given free to attendees.

Here’s the poster, which is a limited edition of 100.

And here’s the lobby card, which is an edition of 300.


The poster will be available Friday May 27 online at Spoke Art (link) and in-person Saturday May 28 at the Roxie Theater (link) in San Francisco.

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