Be among the first to see the extended cut of one of Star Trek's most famous episodes

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The Blu-ray set of Star Trek: The Next Generation season two includes a major surprise: an extended cut of the famous episode "Measure of a Man," where Data is put on trial to see if he's a person or just the property of Starfleet. Including extended scenes that only existed on a rough-cut VHS tape held by writer Melinda Snodgrass.

But you can be among the first to see this brand new extended cut, along with the restored version of "Q Who," the first episode featuring the Borg. Fathom Events is having a screening of both episodes in theaters around the country this Thursday at 7 PM.


And we have five pairs of free tickets to give away for the screening at the Century 9 Theater in downtown San Francisco! To win, all you have to do is write an essay, in 50 words or less, explaining why Dr. Pulaski rules. (Or, alternatively, why she's better than Dr. Crusher.) Paste it in the comments below, and we'll pick the five best.

Also, we'll be meeting for drinks before the screening in San Francisco. We'll be at the Irish Chieftain on 5th Street from 5:30 PM until around 6:15 or so, when we'll wander over towards the theater. Come and hoist a pint with us, in honor of Miles O'Brien. Or something.

So... why is Dr. Pulaski totally awesome? Or at least, better than Dr. Crusher?

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Project Thanatos

My intense crush (ha) on Gates McFadden prevents me from ever speaking ill of good Dr. Crusher. Said crush has been in place since yesteryear and still remains strong. I must bow out of this contest. :(