BBC's Survivors To Make It Through To 2009 At Least

The revival of British apocalypse drama Survivors has been re-commissioned for a second season before the first has finished, according to sources - Maybe there's something in this End Of The World thing after all.

Survivors, a remake of the 1970s TV series by Dalek and Blake's Seven creator Terry Nation, follows a group of Britons trying to build a new life for themselves after a virus has wiped out more that 99% of the world's population. The series, executive-produced by Primeval creator Adrian Hodges, has been an unexpected hit for the BBC, giving them almost a quarter of the viewing audience in its Tuesday evening timeslot, hence the speedy renewal.


The order for six more episodes also makes it more likely that American audiences will get a chance to see a show for themselves; keep watching the BBC America schedules for updates.

Survivors gets second series on BBC []

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