Outcasts was one of the most inventive science fiction shows to come along in recent years, but it couldn't snag a mass audience. The BBC has moved the show's final three episodes to Sunday nights, late at night.

Says Den of Geek:

It's a disappointing decision, for two reasons. Firstly, because I was genuinely warming to the show, warts and all. And secondly, it knocks science fiction out of such a prominent slot and back into a quiet niche.


Having watched the first few episodes of Outcasts (I was going to try and watch the fourth episode as soon as possible, so I could write a recap thingy) I'd have to say that there were some serious teething problems with the show — especially the molasses-slow pacing, and the somewhat weak characterization.

But another huge problem, honestly, was the decision to show two episodes per week, on Mondays and Tuesdays. Especially with each episode being a full hour long, it was just too much at once. If the show had been parceled out more slowly, with only one episode per week, it could have had time to grow on people. Instead, two hours of slow-moving, and often unengaging, storytelling didn't leave people wanting more.

In any case, anyone who cares about mold-breaking, thoughtful science fiction should be sad about the fate of Outcasts. [Den Of Geek]

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