We're all waiting anxiously for Studio Ghibli's magical adaptation of Mary Norton's The Borrowers, which hits U.S. screens in February. But the BBC is going head-to-head with Ghibli with its own Borrowers adaptation... and it's the first television production from the fabulous Working Title Pictures.

Not only that, but the BBC version boasts a cast to rival Ghibli's English voice cast, such as Saoirse Ronan. The BBC/Working Title production includes Christopher Eccleston, Stephen Fry and Victoria Wood. A snippet from it is included in the BBC's Christmas Trailer, here on Youtube. The TV movie airs on December 26. This isn't the first BBC adaptation of The Borrowers — there was a very Masterpiece Theater-y 1992 version, which you can watch here.


Talking to the Guardian, Working Title Television's Juliette Howell explains the appeal of The Borrowers:

With The Borrowers, here is a family who is suffering, they can't even afford Christmas. These things have a resonance. However, I also do think people want escapism at the moment, but not empty-headed escapism.

That's one of those quotes that just says so much, really.