BB-8 Is the Only Hero Anyone Needs in the Newest Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures Short

BB-8 gets stuff done.
BB-8 gets stuff done.
Image: Disney/YouTube

Who saved the day this time? It was BB-8. It’s always BB-8.

The newest short in the endlessly charming Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures series of animations makes the argument that BB-8 is low key the MVP of the new Star Wars trilogy. His dashing heroics and stunning good looks get the organics out of trouble time and time again. When you cut it together into a montage, it’s just so obvious.

And what do these droids get for their successes? Absolutely nothing. A bath in some oil, if they’re lucky. BB-8, R2-D2, heck even C-3PO are the true champions of the battles against the Empire and the First Order. But nobody ever thought to make BB-8 a cute little medal, did they? I guess it would probably just slide off of him, but, come on, that’s a logistical problem someone in the Star Wars universe could solve. A droid could solve it, anyway. They get stuff done.


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I mean, the motto of this era of Star Wars is “ALWAYS. BE. RUNNING.”, and BB-8 is the fastest, so of course BB-8 will save the day.