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BB-8 and Puppies is the Cutest Thing You'll See This Week

Images, videos, and reviews of the Sphero BB-8 from Star Wars: The Force Awakens hit the Internet today, and they’ve got fans in a frenzy. Some are even salivating over this high-end $150 toy. Some ... like this adorable group of puppies.


Yes, there’s a video of BB-8 playing with puppies and it’s precious. Vanity Fair posted the video, which you can watch in full here, or just stare at the GIF above.

Basically, this new toy from Sphero is a nothing more but a radio control toy, but you use your phone to control it and there are some super cool options. To find out more about those, check out Gizmodo’s review.


The BB-8 will be released Friday only at select locations. The puppies are sold separately.

[Vanity Fair]

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I’m reasonably sure this guy is the puppeteer inside BB-8.