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Wal-Mart has posted a behind-the-scenes video peek into the bayotic world of Transformers: Rise Of The Fallen. True to Michael Bay form, lots of things go boom, and the director even has a pair of specially made Nike kicks which he called, "Bay-os, aka chaos, cause I'm going to beat up all your asses. Because I do like to shoot fast."

Besides all of the ridiculous new bay-related neologisms, the screaming and running away scenes from the first day of shooting do look pretty fun. In the video you can see a few moments with Arcee the motorcycle Transformers (and a few other different-colored motorbikes). It looks like they're filming the Bethlehem Steel works, which is subbing in for someplace in China. More importantly, is "bayhem" going to replace "awesome"? If so I may bayshoot myself in the bayface.

[Transformers 2: Movie Chronicles]


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