Bayhem Will Ensue On The Universal Studios Transformers 3D Ride

Why should fancy pants Hollywood actor Shia LaBeouf have all the fun? Now you too can ride next to the shoulders of the mega-robots on Universal Studios' new Transformers ride. Teaming up with Hasbro, Dreamworks, and Michael Bay, Universal has created a 3D monster. I'm sure if Bay is involved we'll be getting metal fistfuls of explosions. Judge for yourself how "awesome" it will be — we've pics of the ride concept art.


According to Universal Studios the ride will be featuring 3D-HD, special effects and the best robotics you've ever seen, guaranteed to cause Bayhem. The audience is Earth's humans, caught in the middle of an intergalactic war between Autobots and Decepticons. Of course, the robowarriors will transform in front of your eyes. Say reps:

The rides are scheduled to make their debuts in early 2011, first at Universal Studios Singapore and then at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Transformers for real? Not just the cardboard box fellas on YouTube and at Saints games? I'll see you in Singapore.


[via ChannelNewsAsia]

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