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We've already made your year by letting you know about the planned Transformers theme park ride, but there's one person who isn't as excited about the whole idea as we are... which, considering he's been named as one of the people behind it, may be a problem. His name? Transformers director Michael Bay.The Baymeister updated his blog last week to offer the following response to the announcement of the ride:

The Transformer Ride at Universal making all the press rounds — not sure yet — they had me in a press release saying I supported it — but Universal has a long way to go in my mind. I don't support it yet — I'm not involved and not sure the story of the ride works, and I know Optimus is not going to just show up to be directed by some new people that have never worked with him. I hate when people bullshit a quote from me that I never said. I'll keep you informed. Maybe the guy making the rides at Universal will direct Transformers 3????


I don't know what's more awesome; the joke at the end, or the idea that Bay may actually, on some level, believe that Optimus Prime is real enough to care who he's being directed by. Either way, it looks like Universal has some apologizin' to do... or perhaps they should just let the ride designer know that he's going to be directing a sequel to what will probably be one of 2009's hottest movies. Michael Bay update from the Middle East [Michael]


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