Batwoman Will Finally Come Out

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It's been rumored for years. It was announced at this year's Wondercon, and then denied again the very next day. But now letterer Todd Klein has ended speculation by confirming that DC Comics really is working on a new series starring "controversial" character Batwoman after all. And she'll finally show a part of herself that until now has dared not speak its name.


Klein - who has worked on Sandman, Alan Moore's "America's Best Comics" line and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen amongst other comics - also revealed the creative team for the series when he (potentially accidentally) announced the series on the "current projects" section of his website:

BATWOMAN: Written by Greg Rucka with stunning art by J.H. Williams III, this miniseries is moving slowly, but I've lettered the first issue, and it looks and reads very well indeed.


The character, who first appeared in DC's weekly flagship 52, was initially hyped as being a major new star in the Bat-Universe before pretty much disappearing from view for the last year, rumored to be due to DC's parent company Warner Bros. not wanting a high-profile lesbian character tying in with Batman at the same time as the release of Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight. Now that the cat's out of the bag, complete with artwork, expect the series to be officially announced by DC Comics at this summer's San Diego Comic-Con.

Todd Klein Current Projects (Scroll down.)

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Denied? What was denied, that she was getting a series? It was the subject of a press release that she was a lesbian, for crying out loud. She's not even unique as a lesbian Superheroine. Her lover is Renee Montoya, who is the new Question. The difference is that no one knows who the question is, but they can figure out that Batwoman is related to Batman somehow, I guess.