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Batwoman Casts Another Victor Zsasz for the CW's Gotham

Alex Morf will be playing DC Comics villain Victor Zsasz.
Alex Morf will be playing DC Comics villain Victor Zsasz.
Photo: Rabbani and Solimene Photography (Getty, Illustration: Dustin Nguyen (DC Comics

The CW’s Batwoman is getting a new baddie for season two, and it’s played by someone who’s already familiar with the city of Gotham.


As revealed by Entertainment Weekly today, Gotham actor Alex Morf is coming to the CW superhero series as the wild and unpredictable hitman Victor Zsasz. According to EW, Morf is taking on the role of the DC Comics villain for the sophomore season of Batwoman, playing “a charismatic, skilled hitman with high, unpredictable energy. He proudly carves tally marks onto his skin for every victim he kills.”


Despite his grossness, the character is a pretty popular one to bring to the Batscreen: He was previously played by Chris Messina in Birds of Prey, as well as Tim Booth in Batman Begins and Anthony Carrigan on Gotham, the show where Morf himself played a gang leader named Sykes. The villain also made a short appearance in the Harley Quinn animated series, and played roles in the Batman: The Telltale Series and Arkham video game franchise, and more.

While Gotham is no stranger to incredibly disturbing villains, Batwoman season two is going to see a lot of changes from its debut. Javicia Leslie will be donning the cape as Ryan Wilder, taking the mantle from Ruby Rose’s Kate Kane after the actress left the series. In addition, Shivani Ghai (Dominion) has joined the cast as Safiyah Sohail, who has a dangerous connection to Alice’s (Rachel Skarten) past.

The series is currently in production on its second season, although a recent report from Deadline suggests it and several other CW shows have been postponed because of coronavirus testing delays. Batwoman will return sometime in 2021.


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I dont get how Zsaz is such a popular character. He appears in everything Batman related, from Nolan to Gotham to Suicide Squad to the Arkham games. If there is a Batman property, he is there.

Which I dont get cause he’s somehow simultaneously a relatively unknown villain and (besides his birds of prey appearance) always pretty one dimensional and uninteresting. I dont get it.