So much amazing wrongness in this NSFW clip from Buttobi CPU. A malfunctioning sexbot attacks another sexbot and her master. The friendly sexbot can't defend herself unless her master upgrades her... by sticking his "active molecules" in her "rear port."

So let's get this straight... according to Caprica, the human brain only occupies 300 megabytes of hard drive space. But according to this anime, a man's sperm contains a whopping 1600 gigabytes of memory upgrade. That seems a tad skewed, but then again, you never know.

I love the part where the guy's sperm has so much memory in it, that she has to write a whole new directory with her new name attached. He actually names her by fucking her. It's sort of romantic, I guess. And then it works — so go, beam attack! Also, right after this bit, we discover that the other sexbot went crazy because her write-protection was removed, and too many other men were able to write to her directory. In other words, she was a crazy slut bot.


We already featured a different scene from Buttobi CPU in our round-up of sex mechas and space pirates in anime porn, but this sequence is so fantastic, it needed its own post.