Friday's news that plans are apparently afoot for a movie based upon Glen Larson's original Battlestar Galactica series produced some opinions as unexpected as the news itself. There are really people who prefer the original?


I'll admit; I don't even really see how Universal could really do a movie solely based on the original series in light of the success and acceptance of the Ron Moore's reboot - Not only is the new show Battlestar Galactica to the majority of people these days, but how could any new new version not pick up on some of the themes of the reboot when they themselves are picked up from the original? Apparently, though, the idea definitely appeals to some of you:

lazlopnik: "screw it. why not. after the morose trainwreck that the rebooted series has become larson could do no worse. after all his would be an implausible, ridiculous mush of shiny, clean rag tag fleeters fleeing instead of implausible, ridiculous mush of dark & gritty brand rag tag fleeters fleeing. just another flavour of crap on the all crap buffet that is battlestar."

aixelsyd: "I'd gladly give it a shot. As just a 2 hour movie, it would satisfy me immensely to relive the version of mu youth with better effects and acting."

madman83: "I hate to go against the majority here but I beleive that the original series is and always will be better than the Sci Fi channel reboot.It maybe one of the reason I haven't been able to get behind the more recent BSG."

Dillenger69: "Capes and humor are two things the current incarnation of BSG currently lacks. I welcome any version possessing the two."

Daniel-Midnight: "Richard Hatch and Dirk Benedict FTW."

Look, I love Dirk Benedict as much as the next man who grew up watching The A Team, but this whole idea - never mind that a movie based on the original that ignores the far superior reboot, but that a movie based on the original that ignores the far superior reboot and is somehow better for it - boggles my mind. Daveinva puts it best:

I loved the old BSG. . . when I was *five*. Star Wars was so cool, I needed my sci-fi action fix anywhere I could get it. Wait, you mean, there's a *TV show* like that? AWESOME!!!

The new BSG, however, is one of the best TV shows ever. (Yes, I'll defend that, it's not hyberbole— it's stumbled, but when it soars, it *soars*). It's certainly one of the best *science fiction* TV shows ever (sadly, not many competitors)— mostly because it takes itself, AND the audience, seriously.

A few years back when I first started dating my GF, I nudged her into getting into the new BSG. Never liked sci-fi, never liked much genre stuff, had never seen the original. She *loves* the new show, and devoured it voraciously.

Watching it through her eyes, I finally decided about six months ago to show her the original series. Just the "movie" (the first three episodes or so), and the Kobol episode. I myself hadn't seen the show in probably a decade, so it was going to be a treat to see how similar/different it all was.

Folks, I know that the nostalgia prevents us from slamming a show made in a more innocent time, one made when we were all FARRR younger than we are now.

But it's awful. Legitimately *painful* to watch. Objectively cringe-inducing at nearly every turn.

Even if you accept it as cheese, even if you accept the bizarre production values and soap-opera-style casting, even if you lower your standards about as low as you can go. . . it's still awful.

And in comparison, it makes the new series look like Shakespeare.

Which, in a way, I accept it as such. Meaning, it's the same "story" as before, but the production is so much better, so different, so fleshed-out and used to take it in such a different direction, that there really isn't much to compare the two at all. It's like Olivier doing Hamlet and your local high school doing Hamlet— same play, but *c'mon*.

I'm now completely curious, because I had a similar reaction on seeing an episode from the original series recently. To those of you who like the original in some way other than as camp, why? And is it in any way translatable to a new movie?