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Both the Cylons' plans and those of the Battlestar Galactica producers will finish as planned, despite the production hiatus caused by the writers' strike. Executives at the Sci Fi Channel are going against rumor and expectation and not shortening the fourth and final season of the show. The first half of the season airs starting April 4, and the second half will probably appear in 2009. But there could be more strike trouble ahead.


According to Chud, all of the news coming from the show's Vancouver offices is positive:

[The entire writing staff] gathered this week to rewatch the completed season four episodes to get back up to speed, and now that the strike is completely and officially over, they'll be revisiting the outlines of future episodes and break those stories. There are still some details that will need to be ironed out - actor's deals may need to be renegotiated to get them secured past when their season four contracts end, for example - but the sets in Vancouver were never struck and the behind the camera types are raring to go and finish their epic story. I've heard that the show is firing on all cylinders in the season four episodes filmed to date, and I hope that three months away has given everybody new energy and perspectives to match the first half of the season.


Now all we need to do is hope that the show gets finished extra quick, or that rumors of an actors' strike midway through the year turn out to be false. Battlestar Galactica Will Find Earth []

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