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Today SciFi is hosting the first of 10 Battlestar webisodes, focusing on what happened to Gaeta a few days after the fleet found what seems to be a bombed-out Earth.


One of the big spoilers that's been swirling about this episode is that we'll learn more about the mega-hot Gaeta's bisexual dalliances. And we've got that covered: Right after Tigh tells Gaeta to take a week off, he meets up with his boyfriend in the hall and they kiss. His boyfriend also gives Gaeta some "morphia," which I assume is some kind of painkiller. Gaeta is still hobbling on his artificial leg.

We also catch glimpses of Gaeta's flashbacks to life on New Caprica, when he was working as a double-agent for the cylons and the human resistance. And making it with an Eight (Sharon) cylon.


The premise of the 10-episode series, called "The Face of the Enemy," is that the fleet encounters some cylons right after discovering what may or may not be a destroyed Earth. In a shuttle on his way between ships, Gaeta and a small crew (including an Eight) jump to safety with the fleet - but when they arrive the fleet isn't there. And we know some bad shit will happen, because the episode begins 3 days after their fateful jump and Gaeta is looking pretty banged up.

Question for you: Why the hell is Tigh in charge again? Wasn't he sent to the brig forever after he came out as a cylon?

Each episode is about 5 minutes, and so we can expect the full run of webisodes to last as long as a typical television episode. Next one pops on Monday, so be on the lookout for more hot Gaeta action!

Battlestar Galactica Webisodes [via SciFi]

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