We get to see Admiral Cain actually ordering the use of torture in the new Battlestar Galactica: Razor TV movie, which airs Nov. 24. We'll also get to see the scene, alluded to back in season two, where Admiral Cain shoots her XO in the head for disagreeing with her orders. The scene where she orders her Cylon prisoner tortured is one of two new clips from Razor which have turned up on YouTube. There's also a new review, featuring spoilers:

Turns out there's a separate Cylon faction that wants to protect something called The Guardian. We'll be seeing more of this Cylon civil war in season four. And a Cylon "God guy" makes some dire predictions of what will happen if the humans follow Kara Thrace, who is referred to as "the harbinger of the Apocalypse for the human race."

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