Battlestar Galactica's humanoid cylons were a result of budget limits

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At Comic-Con yesterday, Battlestar Galactica creator Ron Moore told fans that he loves how television’s budget constraints spawn creativity. For example: the skinjobs, whom he’d originally wanted to be done up in shiny suits like the 1970s series’ cylons.


Said Moore:

The fact that the cylons look like people was driven by budgetary constraints. They were originally guys in chrome suits. [When we were brainstorming] we asked, what will audiences want to see now? How many of those suits can we build practically? Pretty much two or three. So that’s not satisfying, but what about CGI? How much CGI can I do of cylons every week? Not much. We had a bull session and somebody said why not go the Blade Runner route and make them look like human beings? My first response was like, “That’s lame.” I came around. I wondered, if they look like people and used to look like robots, what does that imply? The robots decided to evolve themselves to look like humans. Why would a robot decide that? Maybe they are evolving to what they see as their parents. Now we’re in interesting territory. Yeah, I said, let’s go that direction. And it all came from a budgetary problem.

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

I'm not saying everything should be made on the cheap or that big budget films are universally bad or that all cheap films are great, but this isn't the first time that a limited budget forced somebody to be creative and it worked out well. Sometimes not getting everything you want is a good thing.