Battlestar Galactica Spoilers 05/30

Sexy one-legged navigator Felix Gaeta is the final Cylon! At least that's what actor Alessandro Juliani says in a new interview. Okay, then he says he's joking. And he even claims he doesn't know who the final Cylon is, and they're filming the 18th episode of the season now. But maybe he was telling the truth the first time?

In any case, Gaeta is still alive as of episode 18, but there's no guarantee he'll live through the last four episodes.


But here's a guarantee: we'll see some resolution of the rocky Gaeta-Baltar relationship, and some explanation of what was going on between those two. They share a super intense scene together, and some of the unresolved stuff from Baltar's trial gets worked out. [IGN]

Meanwhile, Adama actor Edward James Olmos makes more of his dire predictions, saying he knows how the show ends, and it leaves the characters "with almost nothing." And Tyrol actor Aaron Douglas says all the guesses and rumors about the final Cylon on various internet forums "don't even come close." [Cinemablend]


E!Online has read a copy of the pilot script (or a draft, anyway) for Caprica, the Battlestar prequel that takes place 51 years earlier. Mostly the review reveals stuff we already knew: Daniel Graystone's daughter Zoe copies her consciousness into a computer, then dies in a suicide bombing that also kills Joseph Adama's wife and daughter. Graystone creates a robot body for Zoe, which becomes the heart of the first Cylon.

Here are a few new bits: Joseph Adama (who goes by Adams) has a shifty gangster brother named Sam. And, as we've heard before, Joseph is also in bed with mobsters. Daniel Graystone is sort of a Gaius Baltar figure, and his wife Amanda is self-destructive. The storyline includes "black-ops government agencies" and teen sex.

And a government agent named Duram investigates the suicide bombing (by a monotheist terrorist, Zoe's boyfriend) and says the following:

It doesn't concern you that there's a proven link between worship of a single god and an absolutist view of the universe? A belief that right and wrong are determined solely by a single all-knowing, all-powerful being whose judgment cannot be questioned? A god in whose name the most horrendous crimes can be sanctioned without appeal?


[E! Online]

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@Koenig75: I thought the same but there are two reasons I can think of that defy this possibility from the perspective of the show's own internal logic.

First, if it's Billy he would have resurrected which means, from what we know, that other Cylon's would be aware of his identity.

And second, it was stated by both the Six model that led the rebel Cylons as well as the hybrid that the final five Cylons are with the fleet. This is also the belief it seems of the other four who are trying to extract information from Baltar in this regard.

I have leaned towards Boxey as the final Cylon as the most practical choice.

A more shocking, and perhaps more satisfying, choice would be that final Cylon isn't a skinjob at all. What if the final Cylon is actually the Battlestar Galactica, that deep in the bowels of the ship lurks a hybrid like intelligence akin to those used to run the Cylon base stars? It strikes me that the Galactica is also a likely candidate for being the dying leader that will never reach Earth.