Battlestar Galactica Rules Television, The Internet

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It's not just fans who have reason to be grateful for the return of Battlestar Galactica last week; the show also brought the SciFi Channel television and internet supremacy for the day, as well.


According to a press release from the channel, BSG's first episode in months was the most watched show in the 10-11pm hour amongst the Men 18-49 and Men 25-54 demographics, helping the channel to become the third most watched cable network of the night. Overall, ratings on the show were up a staggering 23% in total viewers. But it's not only television where the show brought success; thanks to the Face Of The Enemy webisodes, the SciFi website saw its best day since Hallowe'en last year, and its best day in terms of video views since October 2006. The question now is, how many of those viewers will stick around, now that they know who the Final Cylon is?

Battlestar Galactica Returns With Double Digit-Gains [TV By The Numbers]

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Moses Monster

Fraking awesome. When a show's viewership continues to grow season after season, you know something is right.