Wondering how to last the next six months (at least) until Battlestar Galactica returns to our screens? You could do worse that spend some time over at Battlestar Revealed, a site that attempts to piece together various sources to work out the remaining mysteries created by Ron Moore and crew.

While the site may be guilty of being perhaps too literal in dealing with the show - Does anyone else really think that the scenes in the Opera House are meant to be flashbacks to when the actual Opera House existed, rather than metaphorical dreams or visions? - there's a lot of food for thought in the arguments that it constructs around the identity of the Final Cylon, the importance of the Lords of Kobol and, maybe most interestingly, the way that the show's been constructed by the writers:

Now when you analyse the scene in which D'Anna gets off the Raptor and requests the four from the fleet, it makes perfect sense that this is a scene in which the writers have had to "dig themselves out of a hole". At first glance it appears as though D'Anna does indeed recognize the Final Five but its clear that it was filmed in such a way as to continue the charade that the Final Five humans are the same five that the cylons call the Final Five.

It's never conclusive that she recognizes any of the other four. She did recognize Baltar, he was the only one connected via his head character at that time. He was already on the baseship which is why she only requested the four from the fleet. She simply used a mind trick to fool the colonials into thinking she knew the other four. When she starts speaking, both Tory and Tigh are looking extremely worried which is why she appears to focus her attention on them - leading you to think she already knows who they are. Tory then effectively gives herself up and in a scene that we don't see, she tells D'Anna who the other three are. This is how she appears to know the identity of the other three when Lee tells her that he has them in the launch tube.

Another piece of clever production, designed to dig themselves out of a hole and at the same time maintain the illusion that the Opera House figures and the Final Five humans are one and the same!


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