Battlestar Galactica Prequel Gets Its Crafty Matriarch

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Killer robot show Battlestar Galactica's prequel Caprica has cast its female lead, sexy surgeon Amanda Graystone. Paula Malcomson, best known for her work as Trixie in Deadwood, will help bring the soap operatics to the "Dynasty in space" backdoor pilot. Her character, the wife of inventor Daniel Graystone, has divided loyalties. More details and spoilers about the character after the jump.


Caprica is set amidst a war beween two rival families (the Graystones and the Adamas) 50 years before the cylons' nuclear attack on humans. Amanda is married to to Daniel Graystone, a brilliant computer engineer who downloads his daughter's (Zoe) personality into an online Avatar (which later becomes a cylon proto-type). As we spoiled before Amanda is a "double agent" and is sleeping with her husband's rival (a Tauron named Tomas Vergis). Her guilt leads her to share with her husband any secrets she hears from Tomas. Which aids Daniel in building a proto-cylon. [Hollywood Reporter]


I am so uninterested in this show. I'm hoping it'll be great 'n' all, but I have no intention of watching it.

It's as if they're making a prequel for a different group of people from those who watch and love BSG. Which is fine, but... where are those people going to come from when we fans couldn't convince our non-SF-watching friends to give BSG a chance?