The long awaited Battlestar Galactica prequel, featuring Young Will Adama fighting the Cylon Wars, will finally get a very unceremonious release. Just today, Entertainment Weekly announced that Blood & Chrome will be airing as a webseries starting Friday November 9th.


So this totally badass-looking series (judging from the above trailer) will air on Friday night online. Yikes. The 10-episode series will air on Machinima and be broken up into 7-to-12 minutes webisodes. Then, AFTER it's already premiered online, the two-hour movie version of Blood & Chrome will air sometime in 2013 on Syfy. Which... what? Why not air the whole thing on Syfy now? Why break it up into segments and then reshow an hour's worth of footage on TV that's already been screened on computers everywhere? We're pretty excited for Blood & Chrome, so forgive us if a Friday-night webseries doesn't seem like a great place to roll out a BSG prequel. That is, unless it actually stinks. Either way, we'll be watching.

[via Entertainment Weekly]


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