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Tonight's Battlestar Galactica episode, called "Sometimes a Great Notion," has already started for people on EST. I'll be liveblogging on PST, so watch this space for livebloggage - and feel free to start commenting!


Liveblog will begin at 10:00 PM PST! I will be watching with a gang of dangerous attorneys, journalists, and an extremely large dog. Some of their comments may appear below. By reading onward, you agree to release me from all liability for what you find here.

OMG I can't believe you guys in comments already gave away the final cylon. And I haven't even started watching yet!


New York of the future looks like crap. The beach wasteland is obviously New York.

Is Roslin's obsession with that little green plant a reference to WALL-E? Probably not. I love it when they do that "planet light" thing where the film looks all washed out.

OK so Earth is a totally radioactive wasteland. Great line from Roslin: "We traded one nuked civilization for another." And she's not really dealing well with the whole PR aspect of her job. She just runs away from the Fleet instead of telling them it sucks down on Earth. C'mon Roslin, buck up! We don't want to hear old Lee yelling about how we'll learn everything later. He's really a terrible politician.

I think all this stuff with Starbuck searching for her viper is really the best part of the episode. It's really dark, intense, and truly creepy. I am glued to this subplot.


Not so much with the Dee subplot. Am I the only one who just really isn't into the Lee/Dee relationship? I mean he treated her like crap and now she's all into him still?

Ohhh creepy bone pile! Plus Centurion-esque heads. Love it! I also love that the 13th colony is ALL Cylon. Great twist, really good reveal. Their one great hope for the future of humanity was a Cylon world. Also, that means we are all Cylons. Does that mean my spine has been glowing during sex all this time and I just didn't know it? You'd think somebody would have mentioned it by now . . . but whatever.


One of my very favorite things about this episode is how four of the final five are starting to remember who they were on Earth. Tyrol's flashback was great. Deepens the mystery, gives the Cylons a human backstory.


Thank the gods we're back with Starbuck. Shit I love this scene with Starbuck finding her own dead body. Perfect tone, perfect level of sadness and horror. BSG is back. This is an awesome plot development. Though the lawyers in the room with me have pointed out that her hair is unburned. How could that be? Oh these lawyers with their whole rational search for evidence and crap.


Even Leoben is creeped out by Starbuck now. She is just so badass. What are you Starbuck? What are you? YOU ARE FRAKKIN BADASS.

Anders was Bob Dylan? That is seriously unacceptable. Worst flashback ever.

Still, let's leave that aside for a minute because the Cylon memories are a seriously cool subplot. Way cooler than Roslin feeling all weepy about her religion and burning books and stuff. So she's going to act like a freaky teenager now, being all tardy for her announcement that Earth sucks? "All those people - they're dead." She sounds like Courtney Love or something. Seriously, grow some baddass, Roslin.


This scene where Starbuck burns her own dead body makes me LOVE THIS SHOW. It's like a weirdo futuristic Viking double-self burial. You know what I mean.

At the moment when Dee is asking Lee drunkenly to tell her over and over what his lame speech was to the Quorum, I said to myself: "This is so awful I wish they would die." I didn't think they'd actually grant my wish! Now I feel sort of bad. I am a mean person. OK, I will make up for it by saying something nice. Dee's dress was really awesome. But that's all I can come up with. I'm sorry.


Damn, Adama is a mean drunk.

It's the drunken Tigh/Adama smackdown. Every few episodes we've gotta have one. It's like a bromantic moment. I can't believe that Tigh is out-acting Adama in this scene, but he is. I mean they're both awesome but Tigh is really pulling it out. Though I can't believe they're going to the "I smelled Ellen" place. Gross.


Yay for all the ads for FRAK PACK buckets of crispy meat. What's next? A KFC Fuck Bucket? The lawyers want to know.

This whole story that Adama tells about the swimming fox in the ocean still makes no sense to me, even after hearing it twice. Is it about suicidal foxes? Or foxes who wanted to survive so they're still swimming? "Maybe they were just tired," Adama says. So is Adama the tired old sea-swimming fox?


So Lee's news about Dee stopped Starbuck from spilling her guts about Dead Starbuck? I guess so.

Love the "Frak Earth" graffiti. Real nice.

But now Adama is back in the saddle, and he's got a new mission for the Fleet. He's giving the speech that Roslin should have given, which means that the true control of the Fleet is falling more and more into the hands of the military. Because remember that the more power Lee has, the more the military is in charge as well - he's still very much a military man at heart. One of the best parts of Adama's speech is that he is taking heart from the previous brave actions of a Cylon tribe facing their uncertain future. The humans and the Cylons really are merging.


Oh Roslin, stop curling up with weeds. Why do the women shoot themselves and curl up with weeds or try to die on Earth mumbling about it all "happening again and again." Is the future of the fleet all manly military stuff?

OK so I have to admit that Ellen being the final cylon was pretty disappointing, but I liked the way it was revealed. And I'm also intrigued by the idea that Ellen and Tigh were star-crossed lovers from way back. So it also sounds like she and Tigh were behind the "being reborn" thing.


I still think it was a pretty good show. But let's poll the room here:

"We are emotional hostages to this show."

"Like battered spouses."

"Does anyone think this show is going stale?"

"Compared to the hype yes. But I forgive all for season 2.5."

"This show doesn't keep things as fresh as The Sopranos."

"Creepy and sad. It made me think of the Fourth Amendment."

"All the women folded."

"Starbuck didn't!"

"Let's eat some cake!"




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