Battlestar Galactica, in four minutes as a 1990s roleplaying game

Illustration for article titled emBattlestar Galactica/em, in four minutes as a 1990s roleplaying game

Did you miss out on Battlestar Galactica? Do you dream of watching all of the show's drama, thrills, and frustrating scenes condensed into a four-minute piss take on 16-bit roleplaying games?

College Humor has answered your prayers to the Lords of Kobol with this clever video. Beware! Spoilers out the wazoo! Hat tip to Zan.

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Erik Sofge

Sometimes I like it when people make fun of BSG. Others, it makes me want to pick it up by the scruff of its neck, maybe give it a few swats for that unforgivable ending (Moore's newstand cameo still makes me break out in hives), then carry it back to our den in the caves where the mean, ungrateful nerds will never find us.

I did like the final boss bit, though. Can you imagine how much better that show would have been remembered, if it was cancelled before the last season, or if that last episode vanished into the ether, along with Starbuck?