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Battlestar Galactica Gets British Man Arrested

Illustration for article titled Battlestar Galactica Gets British Man Arrested

While we'd be the first to admit that the original version of Battlestar Galactica isn't as good as Ron Moore's retooled masterpiece, we wouldn't have suspected that it was enough to get someone arrested for watching it. Unfortunately for British truck driver Benjamin Trotsman, that turned out to be the case, otherwise he wouldn't have found himself banned from driving for the next 15 months. To defend Lorne Greene's honor slightly, it may not have been Battlestar Galactica's fault entirely - I mean, Trotsman probably bears some responsibility for watching it on his laptop while also trying to drive across the country.Trotsman was arrested last December after police noticed that his driving had become somewhat... erratic:

The alert was raised by another lorry driver who followed Trotsman as he travelled north through Cumbria on the night of 11 December, the court heard. Trotsman's Poundstretcher lorry was speeding up, slowing down, and veering onto the hard shoulder... Adrienne Harris, prosecuting, told the court that traffic officer Sgt Paul Brown could see Trotman's truck veering across the road and pulled him over north of Penrith to investigate. She said: "There was a laptop on the dashboard. A number of files under the name Battlestar Galactica were displayed and the media application was running."


Harris went on to say that, had he been watching Doctor Who, an unusual loophole in British law would have meant that he would have gotten away with just a warning. TV-viewing lorry driver sentenced [BBC]

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At least he wasn't watching pr0n and had both hands on the wheel.

Last week, I ended up behind an SUV with a bunch of guys watching a Pr0n on the in vehicle DVD player. I didn't hang around as

a) it wasn't good pr0n

b) they were driving rather erratically.