Battlestar Galactica Fans Outraged by Quiznos Agenda

Now that Battlestar Galactica: Razor has aired, fans on the official BSG message board are discussing the hints at plot resolution for the series and subtleties in acting and dialog - Oh, alright, I admit it; they're completely hung up on the lesbian thing.

The revelation that bad-assed Admiral Cain was not only a lesbian but a lesbian into sexy blonde Cylon Gina, was apparently underscored in the next commercial break by a sting courtesy of snack food supplier Quizno's. And it's that hot-girl-on-girl-action/sandwich combo that's upset fans on Sci-Fi's website:

I could care less who does what with whom, as that is not why I watch this show. My complaint is that the existence of a GAY relationship became so forced, after obvious—and I mean OBVIOUS—funding by Quizno's and glaad, that anything else in the show, including the modicum of an attempt at a storyline, were blasted into oblivion. Is this what we're all going to be subjected to now? Sexual preference is now pandered in BSG, paid for by third parties. Reminds me of a tobacco company strategy. I say 'now' not referring to the more common hetero content one sees on regular tv, but to the amount of paid advertisements during a show to express that the hetero relationships were specifically paid to be placed there. Basically, I'm offended that one of my favorite shows could not just include a relationship in the show like any other show we see, but had to take the time to show us it was bought and paid for.

Who made this episode? This was the worst BSG I've ever experienced.

Even if you remove the promotional aspect of the deal, fans still weren't too happy:

it do I put this politely....a good "solid" episode. But a jaw dropper? - what...that there are lesbian lovers on another planet? Anyone watching a promo commercial for Teens Gone Wild can see girls kissing, so Six and the Admiral's shoulder squeeze is a yawner...

The gay thing .. eh.. I don't see a point for it ... so yeah i agree it was a stereotype thing.. don't really see the point.... maybe just that tough bull dykes who "sorta" still look/act like a traditional stereotypical straight woman (sorta) .. the only thing missing from Cain's personality was a guy'ish short spikey military haircut and maybe an earring and a rainbow tattoo somewhere.

Too bad they had to shove the radical liberal gay agenda down our thoats.

Luckily, some fans had a better perspective on things:

We just finished watching Razor. And all we have to say to the producers is 'how dare you!"... seriously, how dare you leave us like this until March. And to show us previews to boot. It's rude, evil and now we know who the cylons really are.. YOU. You are ******* cylons and we do not appeciate it. As Melissa Linden, head of the Ghandi Group says, "Dont be the evilness in the world." No really... think about entice us into your web, drain us of our vital life-blood and then spit out the remenents... we are those remenents.


Uhhhh... Right.

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