Battlestar Galactica Ends With Ultimate Mind-Frak?

So far, all you've heard about Battlestar Galactica's final episode has been bloodshed and despair - but after all that, there may be an even weirder coda. Mega-spoilers!

The other day, we cast doubt on SyFy Portal's report that the planet the Galactica crew found in the mid-season finale was "Earth," but the survivors of that disaster had traveled elsewhere and founded a new planet, also called "Earth" - and that second Earth was the planet where you and I are living now.


Now, SyFy Portal has upped the ante, describing what their sources claim is the final scene of the last BSG episode:

Tricia Helfer, who has played numerous incarnations of the Cylon Number Six, is the star of the scene, but will have no lines. In fact, the final scene is nothing more than music, and of Helfer walking through a crowd in her red dress. The crowd, by the way, is in Times Square in New York City ... present day.

I'd be highly skeptical, except that we did post a picture of Helfer in New York, from the BSG "wrap reel," back in August. I'd assumed it was a promo pic (maybe taken during the Letterman "Top Ten" filming), but maybe it's actually from that final scene?


The Sci Fi Channel forum speculates this could be "head Six" instead of the "real" Six. And then there's this idea that one fan suggested:

The saga of the RTF with Adama and co. comes to a conclusion prior to this on a pre-historic Earth, likely millions of years before modern man. They are forced for whatever reason to abandon their technology and live off the land ( the few survivors that are left alive, that is.) This is the "ending" of the show. Then we get some tagline with "xxx years later" or whathaveyou and we have the scene of Head Six in the crowd in Times Square.


I guess we'll find out the truth in March. After the "Bob Dylan" thing at the end of season three, nothing would surprise me at this point, honestly.


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