Click to viewThe best thing about the recent WGA strike? It gave Battlestar Galactica writers the chance to rethink and rewrite the entire second half of their final season, according to showrunner Ron Moore, saving us from episodes with titles called "Oh Jesus, Can I Have Five More Minutes? No? Okay, Then, This Time Around Starbuck Is A Cylon, Whatever."

Speaking at a press conference, Moore explained the seeming change of direction:

The writers had worked out what the arc in the back half [of the fourth season] was already... I think [the strike] actually benefited the show in some ways in that... we started to think about things that we could change, things we could make better. And when the strike was over... we wrote the second half of the season all over again.


And as to how the season will end now? Edward James Olmos isn't optimistic:

It's devastating... don't watch this program; it's not an easy ride.

The new season starts a week on Friday. Bring your security blanket.

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